1. For those who were at the interview last month, they said the accpetance letters would be postmarked March 1st, right? I'm reading about all these people accepted by voicemail, and wonder if there's any chance UCSF would do that.

    It all seems like such a long time to wait.
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  3. by   nukkaNP
    I was at interview day January 19th. I am going crazy with this waiting thing. They did say letters would be postmarked by March 1st at the [U]latest[U]. I am literally counting down the days. What makes the wait easier? Let me know when you get your letter.
  4. by   Nat3433
    Oh, that's a different approach. March 1st at the latest...So it could mean sooner.!! That would be nice...
  5. by   nukkaNP
    I hope its sooner than later. Which specialty did you apply for? I applied for FNP.
  6. by   jaxnaud
    I'm waiting too. Yep- they said March 1 at the latest. I looked through old threads and it looks like some people got their letters on February 26th last year. I guess that is only a few days early- but still. I applied to the PNP tract.
  7. by   diddle
    Let's definately post as soon as we get the letter. It would be great to organize something in the city for all accepted MEPN students....I applied to the FNP track. Good luck to all of you! This waiting period is KILLING me!
  8. by   Nat3433
    I actually work for UCSF right now, nothing to do with the School of Nursing sadly. One of our consultants is on the admissions panel for Psych NPs and I spoke to her this morning to see where we are in the process. She told me that the decisions have all been made, and that we're just waiting for mail services etc...

    So March 1st could still be our date.
  9. by   ChickenLLBird
    jaxnaud, Nat, all of you - I'm pulling for you. Let us know tomorrow. Fingers crossed! - Lisa (Chicken LL)
  10. by   jaxnaud
    Yep! I'm in. It was so funny, I called my husband, friends, family, but so badly wanted to come online and tell all of you guys We're painting our guest room so our computer was held hostage in the garage!!! Anyway, I'm really excited that the letter came and that the second I picked it up, I could tell it was two pages thick. You don't say no with 2 pages right?!!! YIPEE!
  11. by   Nat3433
    I'm in!!! And currently bouncing around the house. Can't wait to meet you all in June, or before.
  12. by   ChickenLLBird
    Congratulations Nat! I'm looking forward to a get together - Lisa (Chicken LL)