Stupid question, but I need clarification for essay

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is a dumb question, but I am trying to finalize my admissions essay for some direct entry programs. I'm confused about whether or not I need to capitialize Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner or not. I noticed from couple of different places that sometimes it is cap. and other times it is not. So, I'm confused and english is not my strong suite.

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  3. by   PEANUT1
    If you are stating or using as title then it needs to be capitalized. If you are referring to this as subject it does not need to be.

    Ex. Sarah graduated and has become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Ex. Sarah is going to graduate pschiatric nurse practioner program in the fall.

    Ex. Sarah will graduate as Psychiatric Nurse Practioner.

    I hope this helps
  4. by   masstudent
    LC3, in my opinion, your quesiton about captialization is not dumb. Actually, your question made me pause, and go bakcand review my own essay. Peanut1 thanks for the response.