Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP 2010 - Sacramento Applicants

  1. Anyone out there applying for this program? Looking for some friends to share the stress of the waiting game with!
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  3. by   pphmd
    Ah ha ! I found someone. Hey what's up? My name is Tim and I am also applying to the ELMSN - FNP 2010 program in Sacramento. I'm just trying to fine tune my goal statement and get this app off in time. Good luck to you!
  4. by   jd2nurse
    Likewise, Tim! Erik
  5. by   pphmd
    I don't want to cut it too close, so I was wondering if you knew off-hand. Is the July 1st due date mean the application must be delivered to the Oakland campus or postmarked by July 1st? I wasn't able to find the info out on the website.
    Thanks, Tim
  6. by   jd2nurse
    I heard them say postmarked by the 1st is sufficient. If you want to be absolutely sure, put in a call to the office in sac tomorrow. i'm using postmarked by the 1st as my deadline....
  7. by   Dr. Tammy, FNP/GNP-C
    Just curious, how much does that program cost?
  8. by   jd2nurse
    Tuition is about $120K or so.
  9. by   pphmd
    Thanks for the info erik. I'll definitely call the Sacramento campus tomorrow and post a message so you can know what I find out. Thanks again, Tim
  10. by   pphmd
    Just spoke with Sacramento regional center, they said postmarked by july 1st is acceptable. You were right!
  11. by   jd2nurse
    Thanks. Yes. Be sure you mail it to Oakland, though. The address is:

    Samuel Merritt University
    Office of Admission
    370 Hawthorne Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94609

    Good luck! Erik
  12. by   saral_123

    Glad i found some people who are in the waiting game. Just turned in my app. last week...and anxiously waiting for results. I'm glad the app. process is over with, but the waiting game is killin' me. Good luck to us all!
  13. by   saral_123
    Quote from Tammy79, RN
    Just curious, how much does that program cost?
    it's about 100K excluding rent, books, etc.
  14. by   wishing2beanRN
    Good luck to all of you applying to the ELMSN-FNP ! I was in your same shoes Summer 2007. It seems so long ago bc there was so much work and rotations! But, I definitely remember all the emotions involved with it. I took the NCLEX Saturday and I found out today officially an RN. Be sure you write an awesome essay and be extroverted in your interview!