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  1. Hi
    I'm a pre-nursing student and I have to interview a practicing nurse. I am interested in the area of geriatric nursing and NP. If anyone out there would be willing to talk to me, that would be great. Thanks!:spin:

    1. What is your personal philosophy of nursing?
    2. How you do use information learned in nursing school to take care of patients such as assessment, planning, interventions and evaluation of care delivered(nursing process), time management skills, and learning skill,etc?
    3.How do you collaborate and communicate with other healt professionals?
    4.How do you deal with frustrations and stressors on the job?
    5.Do you teach other nurses or help them to learn about nursing? if so,how? if not, why?
    6.How do you recognize your own limits and ask for help as needed?
    7.How do you demonstrate healthy coping behaviors?
    8.How do you participate in lifelong learning(i.e. attend seminars, continuing education programs, membership in professional prganizations, educational programs, subscribe to journals, use websites for nursing practice)
    9.What do you see as biggest challenge the nursing professional currently faces.What can you do to address this issue?
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