Question about Jesuit schools and women's health care

  1. I'm a prenursing student hoping to do either FNP or women's health care and I'm just starting to look at specific programs. I'm looking at some schools that are Jesuit and wondering how these schools approach women's health care given the Catholic values.

    Specifically, do these schools teach all the same interventions and procedures (contraception and abortion methods)? Are there specific things that are not taught or practised at clinical sites? How do these schools teach and practice options counseling?

    I'm curious about both classroom and clinical experiences, since it seems there could be a gap (technically teaching interventions that are not practised in clinicals). Specifically, if anyone has info about Boston College, Vanderbilt, or Seattle U. those are schools I am looking at.

    PLEASE do not turn this thread into a debate about abortion - I completely respect the various choices providers make about this and I'm simply looking for information so I can make an informed decision about applying to programs! THANK YOU!
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    I just graduated from BC as an FNP, and we did learn about contraception methods, although we did not go over specific methods of abortion, as those procedures are beyond the scope of an NP. I don't think my education lacked anything in that area. The WHNP students got a much more in depth education of all things OB/GYN. The schools have to meet the requirements of the national accreditation agencies, and they wouldn't if they didn't give a complete education.

    Hope this helps.