post-NCLEX GEPN students--what are your plans?

  1. For those of you in Grad Entry programs who have already taken the NCLEX or are preparing to:

    Are you planning on working as a RN after you pass the NCLEX, but while you are a full-time APN student?

    If you ARE intending on working as a new grad RN, are you planning to work part-time or full-time?

    Finally, for those who want to work part-time, are you only applying for part-time or per diem positions? Or do you apply for full-time positions, get through the orientation, and then ask for part-time work?

    I would like to work part-time as a new RN, but I am finding it next to impossible to find a hospital that will hire a new-grad RN for part-time work.

    For those of you who have already been through this decision, your advice would be much appreciated!!

    Many thanks, and congrats to those completing the pre-NCLEX portion of your programs!!
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  3. by   cozzy66

    I'd really like to hear any replies to this! I'm about to start a program and living on a budget for the next 2 years is looking to be very difficult - 1 year I can handle.

    Law79 - did you have any luck in finding positions?
  4. by   LAW79
    I have not had a lot of luck yet in finding a position. However, I admit that I am quite particular in what I will accept. (E.g. I can't work nights, need maternal-child nursing and want to work a limited number of hours.) I have also found that the large academic medical centers are stricter in what they will offer. I haven't found any that will be flexible with new grads. I do think that smaller community hospitals are more flexible, and if you are willing to take a position in a less competetive specialty you should hopefully have an easier time finding work. I have had some luck with non-traditional jobs, such as home birth practices and antepartum clinics, which is fine with me. It just takes a bit more work to find these jobs. Good luck!