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  1. Hi! I'm inquiring to any of you who know information regarding job success for graduate of direct-entry master's programs - CNSs, CNMs, NPs, DNPs. I am interested in pursing a direct-entry graduate program in nursing and would like to know if it one is relatively successful at finding work as an APN immediately following graduation. It is my understanding that some areas of the country are more "APN-friendly", i.e. east and west coasts. Can anyone speak from personal experience or fellow peers' experience? Thanks!
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  3. by   mvanz9999
    Excellent question. Please keep the responses to Direct Entry only. That would answer the question posed in another thread.

    I'm considering Direct Entry as well.
  4. by   contessa54
    Yes, I'm not an RN so for those with info, please comment on direct-entry graduates. Thank you!
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    I've asked this same question several times, good luck with finding an answer! I can not answer from personal experience, but I can relay the answers from peers - and I think the answers you get will depend on who you ask!

    At Yale, I asked an alum about the job placement stats for her class. In their very small class of about 10 students, 7 or 8 took CNM jobs as their first positions right out of school. 1 person was currently getting experience as an RN, and she wasn't sure about the other person or two. She said that those who had the most difficulty finding jobs were people who knew what city they wanted to live in (ie they wanted to move back to their home cities) where there weren't many openings. The people who found positions quickest were those with the fewest stipulations on where they wanted to work.

    So, my answer is: if you're open to working almost anywhere, you won't have a problem. If you specifically want to work in ____ city it'll probably take a little longer - especially if that city is not a major city, or one in which you already have networking connections.

    In the Yale class that is graduating this semester, I have heard from the students directly that there are people who already have offers, but they haven't made the decision to take them.

    Good luck with finding the info!

  6. by   contessa54

    Thank you so much for your excellent feedback and comments! I also greatly appreciate your response to my PM, thanks! Your input is valuable and I may be asking more questions in the future. I really look forward to learning more about Yale. BTW, I contacted someone to discuss the program over the phone but I haven't heard back yet, do you recommend I speak w/ anyone in particular?


  7. by   lovingpecola
    If you've been asked to interview I would just wait until you get here because most questions are answered at that time. And if they don't answer your question, be sure to ask!
  8. by   contessa54

    Haven't applied to the program yet, I'm past the deadline so I'll likely apply for Fall 2008 admission. Thanks so much!