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Hello- I hope I am in the right forum, and would like to introduce myself: a 44 yo with a B.S. in Humanities (1984, US Air Force Academy) and lots of Master's work in Environmental Science... Read More

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Health Science and started applying for accelerated 2nd degree program in BSN and entry level masters. My ultimate goal is to be an NP. I will be sending out my applications in early January and we greatly appreciate any advice I can get from current NP or students about their path to NP.

    I live in California and so all the nursing schools are highly impacted. I got into 3 nursing schools in January 2006 but I will be on the wait list for at least 18 months and waiting is killing me. I have been working as a Certified Nurse Assisant for almost 18months now and like it. But I want to use my current BS in Health Science to get into an acceleratd BSN or entry level masters program. I need help finding more schools in other states and I will be happy to take student loans.
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