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    After reading my post...My question to you is...Should I make the 3-4 year sacrifice while my children are young; knowing how rigorous and stressful school can be WITHOUT a family? Or should I just get an MSN? No offense to those who are pursuing or have pursued this route. (I may end up in this boat, as well.)
    I have a BSN and completed one year of a Psych DNP program. I found out half way through my first year that I was pregnant with twins. I was able to stay home with them, so I resigned from my nursing position. I postponed my degree, formally, initially. I knew I had no time or energy to go back with them being so little so here I am now...almost 3 years later (with toddlers) and I want to make a move. According to two admissions advisors, I could do the BSN to MSN in about 12 months. I think I could also finish the DNP, if I go full-time, in three years. They said since I left in good standing I would just need to re-apply for formality. I have no family support and my husband works many nights until 6 or 7pm. I can't seem to make a decision and have even considered paying a career coach to help me. YES..I'm that desperate. I've tried to weigh all the pros and cons. Additionally, I really wish the MSN were in something other than Clinical Leadership Systems, like Public Health. I also wish that the DNP completion time frame was shorter. I'm still paying for my first year, so I don't want to start and stop again, either. Let me also add that I'm not in my 20's or 30's so I need this to help me re-launch into my next career in nursing. Thanks for listening and/or advising. I know only I can make the decision, but if there are others who have gone through this on either end and come out on the other side; I would love to hear from you too.
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