mat review video

  1. looking for a good mat review video. anyone seen one or can recommend one. my searches have not turned up anything.
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  3. by   kyboyrn

    I personally have never heard of an MAT review video, but there are a lot of good study books out there. If you know much about the MAT though, you'll know that it is a really hard test to study for. If you review beforehand, it's more important to focus on getting used to the types of associations they are looking for, and how the test is set up. I didn't think it was that bad, but I know that it's a test that is really hard to prepare for. Just get a study book, and learn about how the questions are set up, and do a few practice tests, and you should be okay.
  4. by   wildflower rn

    i have a couple of books. i'll just continue digging in. lol