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I'm looking at Direct Entry programs, which I'm sure many of you already know. Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me that I'm going to need letters of reference, specifically for grad school....and... Read More

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    Some recommenders are willing to have you write the letter yourself and they will sign it. My recommender offered to do that. So, for your current boss, I would propose that if you dont feel confindent about it. Say something like, " I realize you are really busy, would you be able to write me a good letter for grad school, OR since you are so busy would it be ok that I write it and you look over it and sign it?" You could also contact old professors and if they can, have them meet with you to discuss your grad school plans.

    I completely agree with this. Some letter writers, especially if they don't know you very well, prefer that you write it. Years back, I had needed someone to write a letter for me because of her title above me. But I did not work with her on a day-to-day basis. She said, "how about we just meet together and get it done in one sitting."

    If someone would rather write it themself, then make sure to provide them with as much information as possible. Type up lists and facts for them so they can look at them as they write it--

    1. of everything you have done to prepare yourself for nursing school,
    2. the school's mission statement and what they are looking for in their applicants
    3. remind them of when you met them, the interactions you have had with them, and a list of what you did while you knew them
    4. include a copy of your essay and a list of your future goals

    This way the letter writer has a lot to work with and it will be more personalalized. The more personal, the more credible the info.

    Also I would suggest picking a person that you know writes letters frequently and is good at it. Seriously! I had 2 letters in my application and one person knew me much better than the other. However the other person that is in academics and writes these letters a lot, hands down wrote a much better letter. With the info I provided and her writing skills, she produced something very thorough.

    If you are applying next fall, you still have time to develop a relationship with someone you know writes good letters.

    Best to you!
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    Quote from BerkeleyMom
    If you are applying next fall, you still have time to develop a relationship with someone you know writes good letters.

    Best to you!
    Well, I really don't have much time. Applications are due in 2 weeks.


    But thanks everyone. I got one from a co-worker, one from camp, and the final one from a PNP. So that's the end of it. (and I did "lie" about the deadline, to make sure I got them on time).