How hard?

  1. Just curious, for those of you in a grad program, how hard do you find it? I don't mean that from a perspective of an easy program. More like do you struggle? Or are you pretty comfortable with learning the content? How is it balancing it with family, work, etc?

    I was talking to an NP at my job, and another person who used to be my manager. She left for a bit and came back, is now working on the floor (Psych). Anyways, we were just talking about school, as I'm getting ready to apply soon for a psych NP program. Both of them said they found undergraduate harder than graduate school. That grad school is such a different type learning and format.

    I don't find my BSN program hard, just time consuming. What is your experience?
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  3. by   DebCRNBSN
    I am in the Masters program for Nurse educator at the college of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati. The program I am in is a blended program with some classes on campus (4) and some on-line (6). This is my first experience with distance learning. We take two classes at a time. With the discussion questions on Blackboard, papers, readings, quizzes, etc. and trying to work full time it can be a challenge. I find it more time consuming than the BSN program I was in. For those 10 weeks you pretty much work, sleep, study. I finished my first semester in Nov. and an getting ready to start my second. I guess it didn't help much that one of the first classes was Biostatistics which I dreaded the most. I'm thankful that that's over and am looking forward to starting again now that I have the routine down and understand distance learning better. If you are up to the challenge, it can be rewarding. I did well in both my classes and it made me feel good that I was able to do it. If it's what you want to do, I say, go for it. I'm 56 and I did.
  4. by   Simply Complicated
    Thanks Deb. Well I've managed to do a full online program for my BSN while pregnant, having a baby, and him being a newborn. I had class until the day before I had him, and only got a 2 week break. I think the work will definitely be harder, but it's important content! Thanks for the reply! Hopefully I can do this.