Has Anyone gotten in to DE program after bombing an interview?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone still got into a direct entry program after bombing an interview?

    I just finished an interview, and think overall my group interview went well, but my individual faculty interview could have been better. Anyhow, I'm actually not really asking for myself, but for my friend( and really my friend!).

    She interviewed for the same program, but different focal area (so her and I are not competing for the same spot), but she said she literally bombed the individual faculty interview and the group interview didnt go that well either. She said she was really nervous and the faculty member was not all validating or friendly, which made her even more nervous.

    So, as some reassurance to her and a bit to myself, has anyone done horribly in interview and still got in? Overall, I think everyone tends to be more self-critical and probably was not as bad as she thought it was. My friend looks great on paper (letters, resume, etc) and very qualified to work in pediatrics. She has great interpersonal skills, personality and I am sure that her personality did shine through the interview even through nerves.

    So, I am hoping to console her in someway. She is so depressed right now and I dont know what else I can say to her. I thought maybe hearing from others, who thought they did badly on interview can help. Atleast that way I can give her some concrete examples and some hope.

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