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  1. Hey everyone!

    This is my first post, but I've been reading topics on the forum for quite some time...finally figured I'd come out and say "hi"!

    Anyway, I'm currently finishing up the semester and am starting to think about plans for after graduation. I have three semesters left in my BSN program, and currently have a 3.808. I'd be very surprised if it fell below a 3.75 after this semester.

    Given that GPA and knowing the fact that I had graduated with my first Bachelor's degree (political science from Suffolk University) with cum laude honors and a 3.5, what types of options do you think I have?

    I'd absolutely love to go to school for my master's (probably FNP or possibly CRNA), but I was just curious what type of Boston schools you think I could possibly gain entry to? I haven't taken my GREs, but I got a 650 verbal, 580 math on my SATs. I belong to a half dozen honor societies, am one of two elected class representatives and am on great terms with all of my school's administration/faculty thus far. I also have approximately seven years of experience as a mental health associate in a major Harvard-teaching hospital and will soon be starting a PCT job at another Harvard-teaching hospital.

    Thanks for all of your help, guidance and insight!
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  3. by   tussah10
    Hi there. I am currently at Boston College and applied and was accepted into MGH and Northeastern. I have nearly the same background as you... BS in Biology, then earned a BSN in nursing (GPA 3.9). I also took the GRE's and had similar scores. I worked for 1 year before beginning my MSN and I had no trouble getting in any of the schools here. I like BC thus far, but it is very theoretical and so far I haven't learned much "nursing science."
  4. by   perioddrama
    You sound like you are a very good candidate for grad school.

    CRNA school tends to require at least a year of paid RN work experience.

    While you are finishing up your undergrad, pick what path you want to take - FNP or CRNA. (And for even more options, just remember that with FNP, there's the Master's path and the Doctorate path.) Then meet the requirements and be off on your merry way.

    Good luck!