grad entry WHNP/CNM programs?

  1. Does anybody know which direct-entry CNM programs also give you a WHNP degree? Pros, cons?

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  3. by   LAW79
    I know that Penn and UCSF both give you dual-degrees. UIC offers the WHNP as an option if you are getting your CNM--I think you just need to take an extra course. CNMs can be primary health care providers of women, so it is not necessary to become a WHNP. I think the benefit of it is if you decide you just want to do GYN for a while; some employers might prefer to higher a WHNP rather than a CNM for GYN care. I have decided that if I attend a school that offers dual degree, that is super, if not, I am not worried about it. Good luck!
  4. by   Selke
    Some states grant different privileges to CNMs and NPs: NPs can write prescriptions in some states but CNMs can't, for example. (Sorry, I don't have a specific reference or website handy to pass on to you.) Medicaid reimbursement can be higher for NPs than for CNMs, so the CNM will bill for the service, say a gyne exam, as an NP and get higher reimbursement. So some programs offer both degrees or certifications in light of this. Crazy, isn't it?
  5. by   cherrymary
    Thanks you two!! Yep, it's pretty twisted how money calls all the shots these days...