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  1. Haven't seen a post about 2018 admissions to Case westerns MN program yet. If anyone has been accepted please reply below to tell long it took to hear back after the interview! I have had an interview about two weeks ago and haven't heard anything back yet. Post any questions about the 2018 program here!
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  3. by   Foxtrot15
    I interviewed in the middle of November, approximately 3 weeks ago. I haven't heard anything back, however I feel that the interview went well. I elected to interview in person and tour the campus, and it was very casual. 8 or 9 question that are the typical interview style questions, nothing tricky. My interviewer ended up spending almost 3 hours basically just talking and walking around campus sharing about the program and area. It was fun! Looking forward to potentially attending! Hope I hear back soon!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Ua18
    Who did you have interview you? My interviewer was short and only lasted 30 minutes
  5. by   Foxtrot15
    Her name was Angie, she teaches Pharmacology in the program. She was super nice and really seems like a great nurse and educator.

    Who did you interview with? Whats your background?
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  6. by   Ua18
    We did not have the same person that's why. As soon as you get your acceptance email respond back on here because I should be getting mine shortly after that! Fingers crossed we both get in
  7. by   cp19
    Hey, I spoke to you on the 2017 thread. I just received an email about an interview, I haven't been this excited in awhile. I was trying to private message you but unfortunately I haven't made 15 post to qualify to private message. :/ Could we possibly chat through email or so?
  8. by   Ua18
    What's you email I'll send you a message? Do you mind telling me who is interviewing you so I can tell you if it's the same person or not?
  9. by   cp19
    Its with Dr. Marchi.
    but id still like to know any interview tips you are willing to give me or how the experience was in general
  10. by   cp19
    Not sure if i clicked reply or not haha.
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  11. by   Foxtrot15
    I just received my acceptance letter! Looking forward to this opportunity
  12. by   Ua18
    Yay!!!! Congrats. My interview was the same week as yours so I should be hearing back soon too! Did they send you an email as well or did they only send a letter? I was told they only did email
  13. by   cp19
    Congrats!!! I have my interview next week. Hopefully it goes as well as yours
  14. by   Foxtrot15
    They sent two emails one right after the other; one saying that my application decision was ready, and the next one with instructions on how to activate my student account and peoplesoft ID haha! So I knew right away. But everything occurs through the VIP page, however I am not sure if they send a formal letter of acceptance or not. I have read in past threads people saying they received their "rejection letter," which makes it sounds like they got a paper copy versus others stating they received acceptance emails.

    If you have any questions prior to your interview i'd be glad to help.