ELM Azusa Spring 2013 San Diego Campus

  1. Hi all,
    first I would like to congratulate to all that got in and encourage the rest to not give up!!
    I am thrilled and can't wait to start in January. I am looking for the rest of you guys that will be in the same cohort and hoping we can get in touch and get to know each other a little before we start...
    So...I am trying to figure out what textbook do I need ( I know it's early but I know I will have a hectic schedule from January to May....18 months old baby and nana only available 2 days and was thinking to start reading up now), I looked at azusa bookstore website and will order some books from amazon but I wonder how often they change editions...

    Anyway, I am just rambling on....reply to the post and maybe down the road we can start a Facebook page for our cohort

    Looking forward to meet you all :-)
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  3. by   saycheese
    did you apply for the NP program or the CNS program?
  4. by   eva78
    CNS but I will see ...