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  1. Hi all--I graduated with my BA in psych this spring and am looking into direct entry programs for PMHNP. However, I lack essentially all the prerequisites for nursing (except stats, which will be 5+ years old when I am ready to apply...).

    How did you complete your prerequisites if you took them post-bac? Is a 4 year school school preferable to a community college? I think I am a competitive applicant (3.9+ gpa, extensive research experience, currently training as an EMT, etc.) and don't want to do anything that would hurt my application. Can anyone confirm that they got into top programs like Yale, Penn, etc. with CC prereqs?

    Also, does it matter what prereqs are completed when you apply? i.e. is it better to have a grade for A&P I available rather than Bio 101? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   hopefulnurse24
    Taking classes at a community college will not matter at all. I've seen lots of threads on here where people have taken their classes at a CC after they graduated and they received admission. There's a lot of career changers that attend these programs who only really had the option of attending CC's.

    I know that programs really like to see your AP 1 and 2 grades when you apply, and that those are two of the most important grades to nursing programs. So yes, I would say that it is best to have those courses completed before a class like biology 1. I also have seen cases where people only had half of the pre-reqs completed and it was an issue for them with regards to receiving acceptances to schools... I can't remember what school, or what thread I saw it on, but it was definitely on some old threads here and it was recently that it happened (like, past year or 2).

    I think that your GPA, along with research experience and EMT experience will be huge pluses. I wouldn't be concerned about taking classes at community colleges. Besides the fact that a lot of other people do it, you also have so many other bright spots that will stand out on your application that it really wouldn't be a big deal even if it DID matter. Good luck!