Direct Entry Admissions?

  1. I am looking to apply to several direct entry msn (NP) programs matriculating in 2010 (summer or fall).....

    I have had little success in finding admissions statistics for these programs

    My info
    Undergrad: Indiana University B.S. in Public Health, minor human sexuality 3.5 gpa
    last 60 hours 3.95
    major hours 3.8
    pre reqs 4.0
    spanish speaking
    strong recommendations from past professors, etc

    did an international internship in peru as a rural community health worker. additionally did research for Indiana Univ School of Medicine and taught a human sexuality section. Since graduating I havent really done much with my education... work in a spa.

    I still need to take the GREs (prepping for it now)
    just wanted to get everyone's opinion on whether I would be a strong candidate to programs like: Yale, Seattle University, Boston College, Columbia (Chicago), Univ of Vermont

    Also, should I be volunteering at the local hospital? or somehow engaged in a medical extra curricular activity?

    Anything else that you would recommend that I do to boost my changes of being accepted into one of the aforementioned programs?

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  3. by   BCgradnurse

    I just graduated from the DE program at Boston College. I believe their acceptance rate is somewhere around 15% of applicants. You sound like a really strong candidate, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to get some hospital/health care experience. Most of my classmates who did not have a health care background did some type of volunteer work in a hospital/medical setting. I know BC really likes to see some type of community service, which you've done. Write a great admissions essay, maybe based on your experience in Peru, and spend some $ to have it professionally critiqued. There are services on the web that will do it pretty inexpensively.

    Good luck!