Decisions! Hopkins or Columbia??

  1. I just found this forum earlier this week and have been obsessively reading and searching through the posts. This site is a wealth of knowledge and I have really benefited from reading what others have written.

    Earlier this week I found out that I have been accepted to the BS/MS program at Columbia for family practitioner. Then today I received the phone call from Johns Hopkins that I have been accepted to their accelerated BS/MS program also for family practitioner.

    I am over the moon excited that I have been accepted to both programs. However here comes the hard part... deciding where to go. So far I have only visited Hopkins and really enjoyed my time there. I am planning on attending Columbia's accepted students day. I am sure that visit will help me with my decision process.

    I was wondering if any current nursing students out there could give me any insider info on either Columbia or Hopkins. I would like the honest truth - the good, bad, and the ugly! I have read quite a bit on the boards about Columbia, but havent really seen a lot on what the Hopkins experience it like.

    I am a newbie on the board (post numero uno!), so any help anyone can provide is much appreciated!!

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  3. by   juicypear920
    hi amclose,

    your post caught my eye because i "hope" (although it would be rather hard) to be in your position. i also was accepted to columbia for the FNP specialty and am waiting to hear from johns hopkins regarding the accelerated BS-MSN program also with the FNP specialty. i interviewed in person in late january and haven't heard yet. can i ask when you interviewed?

    getting into hopkins would obviously give me options (i only applied to 3 schools) and at this point, i think i am leaning towards going there if they accept me. they're both highly reputable programs, especially in FNP, and really, i don't think it will be a decision that we will come to regret hugely when one school is chosen. the programs are similar so i think it comes down to location, cost to a certain extent (both programs are pretty expensive), and the feel you get from the school/staff which is obviously pretty subjective. i visited columbia this time last year so it's been a while but knowing alumni of hopkins and having attended 2 of their info sessions, i feel like hopkins might be a better fit for me.

    i'm looking forward to any other replies you get from current students because i'd like to know as well!

    good luck and congratulations on your acceptances!
  4. by   amclose
    Hello Juicy!

    I interviewed at Hopkins on January 12th and I was called about my acceptance last Friday (02/09). I only applied to two schools -- Hopkins and Columbia and at this point I am leaning toward Hopkins. Although, that all might change after I visit Columbia on March 2nd for the accepted students' day.

    I am still hoping some current and former JHU and CU students will post on this thread!

    Good luck to you!