CNM/WHNP Programs (Georgetown/UPenn)

  1. I am so excited. I have been accepted at Georgetown for their CNM program.(Starting in 06, they also let you sit for the WHNP boards as well. Woohoo!) I have also applied to U Penn and am wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with either of these programs which they might be willing to share (pro or con). I would really appreciate any information you all might have.
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  3. by   scarlett81
    congratulations! I have been accepted to both schools for next years CNM/WHNP program and I am in the same bind. Both schools are excellent...but I think that I am leaning towards Georgetown. I would also love to hear anything that anyone has to share about these programs. congrats again, perhaps we will be classmates in the near future!
  4. by   zahryia

    I'm bumping this thread to see what experiences people have had with Georgetown or UPenn.

    Any comments would be helpful. Thanks!