Case Western Reserve University Graduate Entry DNP Fall 2010

  1. Has anyone applied or been accepted to Case Western's grad-entry DNP program to start fall of 2010? I am currently awaiting an admissions decision. Thanks!
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  3. by   pstraveler
    I was invited for an interview, but haven't scheduled it yet. Thats as far as I've gotten.
    Have you already gone for an interview?
  4. by   kspills10
    Yes, I interviewed back in late October and found out I was accepted in mid November. I haven't accepted the admission offer yet. I'm going to see what happens with another school I'm interviewing at next month. Are you going to schedule an interview soon?
  5. by   pstraveler
    I'm waiting to hear back from them to schedule an interview (I think they are on holiday break). It will probably be some time in January. Did they tell you how many people they plan to accept? I am also hoping to hear from some other places before I have to make a decision, when do you have to accept by?
  6. by   kspills10
    I'm not sure what their class size limit is. I think they usually have around 30-40 in a class, but from what the one lady told me, they don't get that many applicants and usually end up accepting most people. The deadline for accepting is June 15th.
  7. by   pstraveler
    Very Interesting!
    Good to know you get time to decide.
    My interview is at the end of the month.
    Did you have a panel interviewing you or was it just one person?
    Any advice?
  8. by   kspills10
    It was just one person interviewing me. It was very laid-back, the lady is super nice, and it lasted about 30 minutes. It's not just 30 minutes of her asking you questions though. You get to ask questions if you want, and she goes over some things with you. She didn't grill me about the nursing profession or anything, so my advice would be to go over your application (essay, courses and grades, etc.) and think of some questions she might ask. Good luck, let me know how it goes!
  9. by   sarabear44
    Hi, I am applying to Case. I am waiting for one more transcript and then going to mail it in. Do they get back to you pretty quick? Do you think it's too late to apply now?

    Also for those of you accepted, have you already finished your prerequisites?

    I'm not sure of my chances, but it is a great program and I would love to go there...
  10. by   kspills10
    Hey, I noticed you had posted on the Duke thread as well. Anyway, they do give you a decision pretty quickly, within 4 weeks after your interview. And I was contacted to set up an interview within a couple days after I was told that my completed application packet was forwarded to the program director for review. Even though they do have rolling admission, they accept applications until May, so it's definitely not too late to apply now. I had finished all my prereqs by the time I applied in September, but they don't require that you have them all complete when you apply. I think that as long as you have a C or higher in all the prereqs, a 3.0 cumulative undergrad, 2.75 natural science, 2.75 behavioral science, 500 V, 500 Q, and 4.0 writing, you will most likely be accepted. When I had asked for admissions stats last year, the lady told me that they look at each applicant individually and have an admission rate of about 80%.
  11. by   sarabear44
    Oh, wow. That is good... And fast... I will let you know. Good luck on your Duke interview. Is that your first choice? Where are you from?
  12. by   kspills10
    Thanks, I'm interviewing on the 29th as well (and FYI in you hadn't already noticed from our posts, we plan on going out to dinner after the interview if you'd like to join us as well!).
    Duke is my first choice, but I would be thrilled to go to Case because they also have a great program.
    I'm from Reading, PA.
  13. by   sarabear44
    Oh thanks! I would love to join you but my interview is the 28th. It is on the phone! :-)
  14. by   kspills10
    Oh, haha my mistake. Good luck!