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  1. Hello Allnurses community!

    This thread is in reference to California State University Fullerton's MSN Leadership program (RN to MSN).

    A little of my nursing and educational background: I recently graduated from an ADN program and obtained licensure around July of this year. Since officially becoming an RN, I have been diligently searching for employment in hospitals, SNFs, clinics, etc. With all the applications that I have sent out, I have only interviewed for one new graduate position (in which I was not hired). A couple months later, I accepted a part time seasonal RN position for an Immunization Clinic in which I am currently working at. In addition to being a new graduate RN, I also graduated from San Diego State University in 2009 with a bachelor of arts degree in Gerontology. I have been in school for some time now and have not have had much of a break (except summer and winter break) since starting my undergraduate studies at San Diego State University. Now that I am looking for full-time employment, I am getting a nice little break and enjoying the extra time I have to relax.

    Initially, my plans were to find a job and work for a year before going back to school. But now that I have thought about it, I feel that I should really consider getting back into school sooner while I continue my job search. While weighing my options, I saw that CSUF's MSN leadership program a perfect fit for me in attaining my goals. I am aware that there are BSN programs out that I can apply for (still considering this option), but by having a B.A. already, I feel that I am ready for graduate study.

    I have looked at the information provided on the CSUF Nursing website and know little about the program and its application process but would like to find out more from you guys. For those who are currently in the program, graduated from the program, applied to the program, or in any way part of the program, what are your thoughts about the program? I am looking for any help, suggestions, insight, or whatever information you guys can provide me before I visit the campus and see an advisor. Thank you in advance!
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