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I was recently accepted to the BC Master's Entry program (family specialty) that starts in August. Are there any current BC students who would be willing to post about their experiences? How are the... Read More

  1. by   joey86
    i haven't gotten mine yet either.. i'm waiting anxiously though! =P good luck everyone!
  2. by   fibergirl
    I got in! Thank effing Bob!

    Now, of course, I realize I know very little about the program at BC -- it seems shorter than Yale's or the other schools' -- only two years and you're done with everything? Is that right?! I gues I need to do some serious figuring things out, maybe go down there and take a tour, talk to people. Any one else in the same boat?
  3. by   smit1989
    I live in Minneapolis, and haven't received a letter yet I hope I get mine soon!! All this waiting is driving me crazy
  4. by   fibergirl
    The waiting is the worst! Checking the mail constantly was starting to make me crazy.

    Hopefully you'll get good news from BC on Monday and then you can relax a bit waiting for Yale and everyone else! BC is my first acceptance, it's so nice FINALLY knowing that whatever else comes through, I will be going to nursing school this year! Hang in there!
  5. by   smit1989
    Well, I guess I'll go ahead and say it: I didn't get into the program I was very bummed, because it was the first decision I've received and it always sucks for the first one to be a bad one. On the bright side, for me and anyone else that didn't get in, the class size is something like 30 people with hundreds of applicants. Plus, each school looks at different things, and your application information (essays etc.) is probably different on each one. So I am trying to not think of the bad news from BC forecast the decisions for my other schools. Hope that helps anyone else in my helped me!
  6. by   fibergirl
    Aw, that sucks. I'm sorry. But you're looking at it the right way -- each school has their own criteria and it seems they each get a different pool of applicants. it's all kinda random. Stay positive!
  7. by   darcy2473
    Hey guys,

    I'm in California and still haven't gotten my letter yet. It seems like it should have come by now, right? Has anyone else not gotten theirs yet? Has anyone in California received it? I wonder if I should contact the school today, or wait till monday. I don't want to be impatient and I know its a long way from Boston to California, but its not Mars or anything. :icon_roll
  8. by   msnkiss
    I also live in California and I got my letter on Monday... So you should definately call
  9. by   Webbigail
    Hello everyone!

    I also was just accepted into the BC Master's-Entry Program, and I was wondering what the schedule is like? Do we start in August with an orientation, or go right to class? Also, I am interested in the Women's Health specialty, and I was wondering also if anyone would have any information about that? Are all the classes on the main BC campus? Finally, are there special uniforms that we are supposed to buy, because it said something about that in the letter. Thanks so much!

  10. by   katester5249
    Hey Jackie,

    So exciting! I am thinking of going into the FNP track; thankfully, we dont need to "commit" per se until after the first year which is a plus.

    Do you live in Brockton currently? Where did you go for undergraduate? Are you going to live in the city? I am freaking out about the costs! UGH. My parents live in Medfield so I may live w.them at least for the first year to save money and not be totally in debt!

    Do you know anyone else who has been accepted? I'm so excited to start. Are you definately going to BC?

  11. by   nicks
    BC Grad nurse and all others, You guys seem extremely insightful!! I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    I was just admitted to the BC masters entry program. As of right now I am leaning toward attending BC because of its stellar reputation and close proximity to Boston. However, I also got into Columbia, UMASS med and Simmons and am waiting to hear back from Yale, Northeastern and MGH direct entry NP programs. Given your experience at BC, what are its strengths? Does the program treat its current students well? How does it support its alumni? and will I be considered more of a competitive job applicant compared to Simmons, Northeastern and MGH graduates? In short I am trying to decide what program offers the best preparation for a future adult health NP.

    Once again I would appreciate any insight you can offer!! thanks
  12. by   NPMH2B82
    Hi everyone! I am planning on applying to the BE ME program in the future. Can you tell me how competitive it is? What were your qualifications for getting in? GRE scores etc? Any adive would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. by   nicks
    Quote from NPMH2B82
    Hi everyone! I am planning on applying to the BE ME program in the future. Can you tell me how competitive it is? What were your qualifications for getting in? GRE scores etc? Any adive would be appreciated. Thanks.
    I believe the program's acceptance rate is less than or equal to about 20%, Somebody else may be able to give you a more precise estimate. As for myself, I was admitted to the program with a 3.6GPA(science major), had a 550 verbal 700 quant GRE scores and a Y chromosome(doesn't hurt here).

    So far I have got into BC, Simmons, UMASS, Columbia, Univ Rochester and am waiting to hear back from Yale(interviewed there), Northeastern and MGH(all for the 2008-2009 start).

    The best advice I can give you? Make all of your experiences on paper scream the idea that you have the potential to competently serve the clinical, educational and counseling roles prevalent to the Nurse Practitioner. Before I applied to any program, I had worked full time for four months as a medical assistant(checking vitals, administering immunizations, drawing blood, working alongside NP's). This helped demonstrate that I had initiative and passion for the clinical role of the NP. Furthermore, I had experience in teaching and research. This helped demonstrate that I had initiative and passion for the educational aspect. Lastly, I served as a crisis volunteer on the parental stress line for four months. This demonstrated that I had initiative and passion for the counseling aspect. Overall, I think what put me over the top (if you disregard the fact I'm a guy) is that I had rigorous patient care experience as a medical assistant and had observed NPs in the field, my interviewers were impressed with this fact. Lastly, on a logistical standpoint try to get all your prereqs done(if you have any), some schools will toss your applications aside if you are not complete. I took many of my prereqs at quincy college(if your in the boston area).
    I hope this was helpful and I wish you the best. By the way, do you know any students in the masters entry program at BC? If so, how do they like it?