BA student looking for help!

  1. I know this question has been addressed before in many different posts but Im hoping to get one concise answer.

    Im graduating with a BA this year but have decided to pursue a career in nursing. I know that there are several paths to becoming an RN but I really dont know what is right for me. It looks like I can do the following.

    Complete a 2 year ADN program at my local community college, starting next year and work on my pre reqs/volunteer at the hospital in the meantime
    Complete an accelerated BSN program (at a higher financial cost)
    Complete a direct-entry BSN-MSN program

    I know I should probably get a few years of nursing experience before jumping into an MSN program but I already have an interest in a few specialities and the prospect of facing another 2 years of school before even becoming an RN is daunting, especially since I know I will eventually return to school for my masters. On the other hand, Id have a ton of prereqs to knock out for a BSN or MSN program and it would take me just a long, probably longer than the ADN but at least Id have a BSN and be an RN too. Money is not a deciding factor for me right now but I know the less in debt I have to put myself, the better.

    Can anyone send a little guidance my way??
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    I personally, have a couple of routes I am looking at going, and these are going to be determined on which program I am accepted to. I also have a BS in another field, and I'm leaning toward getting my ASN and then working on my BSN part-time. However, I'm going to at least attempt to apply to the BSN program directly as a second degree student.

    It just depends on your geographical area and what the time constraints are.