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Hey just wondering if anyone is applying to UAB's MSN program. I'm applying to their FNP program, but still unsure as to whether or not i'm making the right decision about school choice. I'm... Read More

  1. by   levoxine
    Hey there, just wanted to see if any of the UAB alumni who have already had Patho want to sell their book?? Just let me know people!!!
  2. by   melrnbcAL
    I borrowed my book from another who had completed the class, and purchased the etext from evolve. It was a great help. I used the 5th edition, took out the index and kept in a seperate folder. You can use notes and book for exams, which are very deep, the anwers are there, you just have to find them. Exams were 150 minutes and average 98 questions. I missed an "A" by 2 points. You have discussion questions, and case studies. You must post your Discussion with ref, with an APA attachemtn for grading, then post a response the same way on a seperate date to anothers post.

    I took this class with Roles, which has a teaching project with a group, a theory paper and a culture paper along with weekley discussion questions. You are graded on the amount of responses posted to others post, along with the content. You must also meet the median amount of post..say out of 386 post, 46 people were engaged in this, so you must have about 8-9 responses posted. You also have to read a book "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down." Good book. I enjoyed this class.

    I am in the RN-BSN-MSN program and hope to be official by Jan in the MSN portion. I will have completed 10 hours of grad courses. You can do a non-degree but only allowed to use 12 hours toward credit. The FNP and ANP programs are very, very competative to get into and have many mobility students at UAB and in-state, which take 1st presidence over others who apply.

    Another issue this summer was change over from BB Vista to BB Learn, it was awfull, we all were kicked out of quiz and exams. Also no sound out of the narrated ppt's.

    Adv Diag and Assessment class is very detailed, has a 2 day intensive and they video tape you completing a total physical/assessment. Has a 30 minute time frame and must make atleast a 75%, most I know make around 90% or so on it. This the class I am registered for this Fall 2011, and a little apprehensive about it.

    I have 3/4 friends who will be grad this semester in PMHNP program, which I hope to get in, along with another who is just starting this semester.

  3. by   luvleee
    thanks so much for your feedback/advice/experience!
  4. by   kimber3ks
    I am looking to switch into UAB's RN Mobility program (RN to MSN) and wondering if anyone can help with a more clearcut idea of tuition? The website lists for undergrad out of state tuition (online) $868 for first hour, then $688 for each additional hour? So, is that a total of $2392 for a 4 credit class?? Just want to make sure I am intrepreting it correctly?
  5. by   melrnbcAL
    Kimber3ks, then you add building fees, online fees, student health and dental fee. It adds up to about 1000.00 or so on top of that. If you are taking NUR 614 Adv Assess Diag Reas. You can add about another 500.00 to that.

    Lab Fees $340.00

    Medical Clearance Fee $25.00

    On-Line Course Fees $600.00

    Student Dental Health Fee $39.00

    Student medical Health fee $90.00
    Tuition for 9 hours (instate) $2817.00
    Total $3911

    You can get the Dental and health fee waived if you have coverage, but I have had much troulble, many calls and faxes trying to get the dental off, might start using it..LOL. finally got the health fee off.

    Lucky, I get so many hours for free from being employed at UAB..18 hours a year, but that can quickly run out if you are not careful, but it only covers the tuition part...

  6. by   YGPHNM
    What's up all? I am a recent graduate of JSU's BSN program. I am wanting to pursue a Master's degree from UAB's SON in ACNP. I am currently employed at UAB in a critical care unit and would like to find out some information from the members of this board. My gpa suffered from a lot of wrong decisions that occurred early in my college days as an undergraduate student. From what I gather from UAB's website, they calculate an overall gpa and a gpa from an individual's last 60 hours. Does anyone know if they use the highest one for admission purposes? IF that is the case, would it not be possible to take additional undergraduate coursework to boost my gpa to a competitive one? Thanks all!
  7. by   melrnbcAL
    They calculate both and take whichever is the highest. But sadly only those that are used to complete a nursing degree, not any fluff, or extra. I too started out low from years ago, foolish, and just trying to make it through to the finish. I worked hard and brought that up to a 3.31 overall. It let them know I was serious about what I was wanting, so I made it in to the grad track I wanted. Best bet is to talk to an adviser or the admissions coordinator about it, and get in writing. You can and people have negotiated with them, not much, but some.
  8. by   Lize321
    Hey UMAshtangi, I'm a UAB adult np student and I wanted to know if you could you send me the syllabus for NAH 622 and NAH 686 please and thank you so much.