ACNP/FNP or PA for a career in the ED

  1. Looking to get some career advice! I want to work as a midlevel practitioner in the ED but don't know which route to go. I am torn between going for PA vs going for a FNP/ACNP. In general is the scope of practice in the ED similar? While I realize that the scope of practice is going to be different in every state I would still love some input! I would like to end up working in Minnesota or some warm weather state

    As I see it now:

    Pro's of ACNP/FNP

    Potentially cheaper
    Can work while I attend school
    More opportunities in PA unfriendly states?
    Pre req's already met

    Con's of ACNP/FNP

    Possibly harder to find work?
    Less clinical hours than PA
    Little mobility
    Potentially more autonomy?

    Pro's of PA

    More clinical hours
    More overall opportunities nation wide
    Career mobility
    Potentially larger scope of practice? (Procedure wise)


    Cannot work while I attend school
    Would have to retake OChem (previous degree in Biology with poor O chem grades)
    Some states very PA unfriendly (Ohio ect)

    Those are some very basic pro's and con's as I see them. I would absolutely love some input!
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