2017 UPENN MSN Applicants

  1. Hi! I haven't seen a thread for Fall 2017 UPENN MSN applicants so I thought I would start one! I recently applied to UPENN for Fall 2017 for an Acute Care MSN specialty. I am wondering if anyone else on here is thinking of applying or has already applied and how the process is going so far! Has anyone started to hear back yet? How long does the process seem to take? Thanks!
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  3. by   FL.RN.BSN
    Glad to hear you just sent yours in. I'm almost done with my application, and am worried it's a bit late. Is it rolling admission at all or as long as we get it in before the deadline we're good? Also wondering if people who applied earlier have heard anything yet. Did you get 5 letters of rec? Seems like a bit much..
  4. by   CoffeeQ1PRN
    Hey! Im starting UPenn's Acute Care NP (AGACNP) program full time in May 2017. Id be happy to answer and specific questions. I can tell you the application process took longer than I would have liked (almost 6 months) but I applied a year in advance, so I that might be in part because they were not reviewing applications when I applied.
    And yes I had 5 letters of recommendation.
  5. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    CoffeeQ1PRN, Were you accepted with or without an interview? Once they sent your application to "ready for review" do you know about how long it took for you to hear anything. I am awaiting all of my recommendations to be sent in and want to keep the process moving forward so I can hear back! Thanks!
  6. by   Run2TheCoffeeShop
    Have you heard anything about interviews or moving forward in the application process?
  7. by   PedsNurse3
    My application was completed on March 15 and I was contacted about scheduling an interview on March 23 (the same day my application status changed to "Ready to review"). I submitted 4 letters of recommendation - figured it was safe to split the difference between minimum and maximum. Anyone else moving along in the application process or have some knowledge about timelines?
  8. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    I was ready for review march 1 and have not yet been contacted for an interview; I also applied for part time so I am wondering if this could affect the timeline (the admissions office said this could). Are you applying for acute care or primary?? I just wish we knew when decisions and interviews were happening for those of us who are in limbo of "ready for review"
  9. by   PedsNurse3
    I applied part-time for summer start in one of the acute care peds specialities. The most info I've received so far is that decisions should be out by late April. That was part of the email I received when my application was changed from "materials needed" to "Ready for review."

    I went to the open house this past weekend and was told that the graduate admissions committee is meeting "some time in April," but I wasn't given anything more specific than that.
  10. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    Has anyone been contacted for an interview or heard of any decisions? I was told I would know by May and it seems so far away!
  11. by   Heartaflutter
    Hi everyone! I sent in my application in for the AGPCNP MSN program part-time at the end of March. My application has been moved to "Ready for Review", in the e-mail it said a decision should be made by late June. It's tough knowing a time line with rolling admission :\
  12. by   PedsKBEnurse1
    I feel like they must be behind this year--From what I can tell, last year students started finding out BY April that they were accepted for Fall start. Does anyone know how interviewing works (does everyone interview now or just certain applicants), do we find out via snail mail of our decision or is it always a link online? Thanks!
  13. by   Heartaflutter
    At the Open House last month, they said we would find out electronically-- not sure whether that means we have to log in into the application system, or if they send out an e-mail similar to when the application goes through to the review process.

    As far as interviews goes, I think it's on a rolling basis based on open spots, but I could be wrong.
  14. by   PedsNurse3
    PedsKBEnurse1 when did your final recommendation letter make it in? I'm trying to get an idea of your timeline in comparison to mine and I see that back in early March you were still waiting on a/some letter(s) to be sent in to complete your application.

    I had everything turned in on March 15th for a part-time Summer 2017 application for the critical care concentration in Acute Care Peds, had my application go to "ready for review" on March 23, was contacted for an interview on March 23, interviewed on April 6th, and received an email on April 12th from admissions@nursing.upenn.edu, with the subject line "University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Application: Decision Posted" stating that I needed to return to my online application to view the decision. I was thrilled to find that I was greeted with a congratulatory email.

    Hopefully, you will hear more soon and also read the same email!
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