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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

  1. by   mz_marit
    really knowing A&P, i think especially physio, is super important. i'm doing pharm and med/surg right now and with pharm, i really wish i had studied physio harder. i took micro and physio together last fall and honestly physio was my "easy" class.... which means i didn't study it all that much. chem too is useful. but really, physio is HUGE!!! i'll try to think of something more insightful later... i need dinner
  2. by   kris_10
    mz_marit, what is your chosen specialty?
  3. by   adt913

    can you tell us what your stats were? gre/gpa?
  4. by   hopefulnurse24
    I have a few questions for you...

    How much time do you spend in the library studying?
    What is your debt load like right about now?
    How expensive is it to live in Philadelphia?
    Where were you from before moving to Philadelphia? And if it was from somewhere like the west coast, or the south, or a small city, how big of an adjustment was it?
  5. by   mz_marit
    women's health NP *DYNAMITE FACULTY* for this department. my main reason for picking penn.
  6. by   mz_marit
    How much time do you spend in the library studying? - not enough. I need to be there more! I get a lot done there. When I study at home/cafes, I'm doing about 4-5 hours per day of work that is not in class. I never feel like I'm caught up though. Studying includes prepping patients for clinical (we go to the hospital the night before clinical to get our patient info), studying on my own, study groups, etc.

    What is your debt load like right about now? - Mine is not bad but in the end will be a pretty penny. Many of us having taken out private loans to afford living expenses, etc.

    How expensive is it to live in Philadelphia? - Philly is a very reasonably priced place to live, compared to the bay area I have a one bedroom and pay $825/month but it is really a 10 minute walk from campus, and you can find places much cheaper if you go out further than 41st/42nd and Baltimore. People who share places sometimes pay as low as $500-600 month.

    Where were you from before moving to Philadelphia? And if it was from somewhere like the west coast, or the south, or a small city, how big of an adjustment was it? - I was in Berkeley, CA before. The adjustment was a little jarring at first because I got here on a heatwave day in mid-June and it was disgustingly hot. But I love this city, have an amazing cohort, and immediately found community in and among the craziness that is nursing school. Philly has *a lot* to offer and is a true east coast gem, and affordable
  7. by   mz_marit
    Pre-req's GPA was very good, but from my previous degree we had "evaluations" so no GPA. GRE was not good in the math department (I think something low like 460/800), good in english/writing. I can't remember now what I got. It was when the older test was in place. I did a lot of volunteering around reproductive healthcare issues in CA, which is my passion. It came across in my personal statement and the interview I think... Really they look at more than GRE scores and GPAs. These are big but really being spot on as to why Penn, and why advanced practice nursing, also why the BSN/MSN or PhD program appeals to you, is huge. Getting a BSN as opposed to an RN degree that isn't a bachelors is very cool. Know Penn nursing's mission and see how it weaves into your reasons for going into healthcare - this will shine through during the interview.
  8. by   hopefulnurse24
    Thanks for all of the awesome responses. Your GRE score in math is similar to mine! I scored a 490, or 143, and a 153 or 500 in verbal, so that gives me some hope. I guess we will see! One more question... what's your class schedule like right now, and how much sleep do you typically get? I'm very curious as to what life is like for students in these programs, if you can't already tell
  9. by   bardone
    Hmm... undergrad evaluations, huh? Any chance you went to Hampshire, Evergreen, or SLC?

    I looked at some of your older posts and the work you're seeking to do in Women's Health is really just awesome. How is Penn supporting you in that? (FWIW, I applied for the AGNP specialty.)

    I am curious about your fellow students. Do you spend a lot of time with your BSN class, or is it too big to really gel as one unit? Are there many "older" (>30) students?

    Thanks for your wonderful input & insights!!
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  10. by   mz_marit
    I went to Evergreen! Again, I thought it was a long shot to get into penn with the kinds of classes i took there. All fine though. The faculty are very supportive of what I want to do as an NP in women's health. It's really, really wonderful.

    And my accelerated BSN classmates... I couldn't be luckier. We are a cohort of 83, all walks of life, many different interests/backgrounds/NP focuses, all ages (I think from 22-36?), and all close. I've heard almost everyone in our class say that they dig everyone and we all agree that there's a strong class bond. We're continuously surprised and impressed by what we learn from one another, and it shakes many preconceived notions to the ground. Definitely we have people who we gravitate more towards and spend our time with, but in general I find us all getting along fabulously, hanging out when the chance arises, and really laughing and commiserating over the nursing student life. I've heard the class above us was not as close - it changes year to year. There are a handful of older students, married students, students with kids - it's an awesome mixed bag.
  11. by   PNPhopeful
    Hi mz_marit! I loved reading these past few posts. Thank you so much for the insight...I think all of us really needed to read that while we're anxiously awaiting news about interviews. I am also from CA (LA) and Penn is my #1 choice! I really don't know what my chances are of receiving an interview but I'm just keeping positive thoughts =) When you interviewed, did you fly out or do a phone interview? How was it overall?
  12. by   mz_marit
    I did the phone interview - it was too challenging to fly out in December for the in person interview. It went great. I think they weigh both equally because of how hard it is to schedule all those face to face interviews, so one doesn't put you at an advantage over another necessarily. It was a really laid back and pleasant interview - felt like a conversation. I reiterated a lot of points from my personal statement and emphasized why penn was the place for me, and why I wanted to focus in women's health. Overall, you're entering into a community of faculty who want to support you and your passions, so there won't be any gotcha questions, I don't think.
  13. by   meep05
    What do you think is the advantage of getting a BSN vs. and RN-MSN? I am applying to both type of programs and am willing to go to either. Do you think there is much of an advantage? Is there a difference in the cirriculum? Do you get more clinical hours? Thanks for sharing all your input!