Possible to take a trip first semester of NP school


Hi! I applied for NP school that will start in Fall 2023. I also learned recently that my husband won a once in a lifetime all expenses paid trip to go backpack Jeju Island in Korea in October. I would like to go with him, and he really wants me to go too. We'd be gone a total of 7 days. Curious for those who have been in or done NP school, is it feasible to take a week long trip? I imagine I will complete the week's assignment before we depart. Thanks! 


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Taking a week long trip is possible rather in the beginning of the program than later, so if you are starting this Fall and the trip is in October, I would go if I were you. Many of my class mates had taken trips in various length through out the course. Just make sure you keep in touch with your classmates while you are in Korea and check the Black Board often (if your school utilizes it). Also, let your professors know of your plan (submitting assignments ahead of time, etc....). How exciting to be able to go to Jeju Island, you will love it!