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My husband and I are looking to relocate to Memphis to be closer to family. We are currently in NJ. I have been an RN in NJ since 2010. 2 years were ED and last 2 were Mom/Baby/Nursery. I am looking to stay in mom/baby/nursery aspect. Any recommendations on areas to live, hospitals to work at, pay scales etc would be helpful. Right now I make $33/hr but I assume it's different everywhere. We have an 1.5 year old so good schools would be necessary as well. thank you for your help


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Hi. There are several hospital systems in the Memphis area (Methodist/Lebonheur healthcare, Baptist, St. Francis) along with Regional one health (formerly the Med) and St. Jude Children's research hospital. I work for LeBonheur children's and I love it. I've been an RN for 5 years and was an LPN for 5 years before. I was given a little more in salary due to experience but new nurses start out at 21.00 (I think). Personally I think the MLH system is great, but I'm biased. 80/20 benefits and PTO accrual are decent. As far as living, I would stick to the suburbs (Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Lakeland) because each city has formed their own municipal school system, which should be much better than the newly unified Shelby County school system. Memphis has it's share of crime (can't sugar coat that!!), but it has some great things too. Lots of good restaurants to visit, museums and other sights to see (Beale street, Graceland, Memphis Zoo etc.) I was born and raised here so it's home for me. Good luck!!!


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Hello there! I am a New Jersey relocated nurse as well. However I used to live in Memphis, moved to Jersey and then moved back to Memphis. In Jersey (Cedar Grove, NJ) I used to make about 34/hr as a unit manager at a LTC facilty. I am in the process of looking for a job in Memphis so far the results have been positive, filled applications in the major hospitals Methodist, St Francis, The Med, VA and Baptist and within a week I have scored and interview at Baptist. I was an LPN and then became an RN, total experience 3 years (plus some extra in healthcare as a medical assistant and in research). The other plus here is that hospitals want you to get your BSN eventually, but it is not a full requirement like ti is in Jersey nowadays. In terms of living, if you want to live in the city (that's our preference, we like to be close to everything) I would live in the following zip codes 38120 (the best one in my opinion) 38117, those two zip codes have White station assigned as the high school one of the top high schools in the country, that is why people want to live in those zip codes in the city, it is also stable when it comes to buying a property, those two zip codes prices do not fluctuate as much, It can get a little competitive to get a house there and some can be on the pricier side for Memphis, however compared to Jersey it is wayyyy cheaper! 38120 also has great private schools if you are interested in that. if you prefer the suburbs I agree head to Germantown, Collierville, Lakeland and even further Arlington all of which have good schools and you can get a bigger house out there with more land. I would skip Cordova and Bartlett because prices for realstate have gone down the tube, might not be the best investment (nice places though). But in the end, It is all a matter of preference. There is some crime in Memphis, but just as Jersey it seems to be concentrated on certain areas etc, you will learn where to go and where not to go. I can also tell you that Memphis is headed in the right direction, so much growth and it seems the community is pushing to make big improvements, something that when I left was not happening. In terms of expense compared to Jersey it is about 30% cheaper to live here. Everything is cheaper, utilities, gas, groceries, no tolls, no state tax. Hope this info helps. PM if you have any further questions!