Possible Job Opportunity


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I am in an ADN program and just a few months away from graduation :yeah:. I can't wait. I am sure the job hunt is going to be pretty scarce, especially since I will be up against almost 1000 other new grads where I am hoping to apply.

Anyways, my clinical group was just cleaning up after having simulation and discussing some thing when I noticed a flyer looking for student nurses, new grads, and RNs to be a part of the medical team for a summer camp for children with diabetes. I thought "oh what an awesome opportunity".

Not to toot my own horn but beep beep. Not only do I feel as though I am a great candidate for this job but this is something I am really interested in. I have worked in pediatrics for a long time as a medical assistant, first in neuro, then family medicine, then a pediatric clinic. I am very familiar with vaccinations and have done PLENTY of them in my short time as a medical assistant.

Now I am going to be a nurse in just a few short months. I really want to apply to this job. It sounds like so much fun, which is what I need after spending 2 years in the craziness of nursing school.

Anyways, I was wondering if I could get some opinions from some of you fellow nursing students, new grads, soon to be new grads, and nurse (besides, isn't that why we are all on allnurses.com anyways :D). The job is only a summer job. I do plan on applying to jobs at local hospitals for work after graduation. But with the job market the way it is would I be better off not even looking into this summer camp thing? What if i dont bother, and don't find a job all summer, then I might have been passing up a great opportunity to work with kids (which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE). But what happens if I do get offered the position, I work for the summer (which will be a great, fantastic, awesome oppurtinity for me), what happens when the summer ends and the job ends? Then I am back to square one. But at least if I get the job, work, then maybe have some money in the bank for those months that I am looking for a job once the summer job is over. BUT it could lead to possible job opportunities and contacts later on too.

I could probably keep rambling on and on and on (sorry, I am just super excited about the flyer), but just a little dilemma. What would you do?

I am married, no kids. But my husband and I are sort of living a part. Not because we want to, or that things aren't great between us its because we have to (thats a long story in and of itself). So that might be an issue with the husband because we plan on finally living in one residence again once I am done with school.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling, I have said my peace. Thanks for reading, comments/advice appreciated.