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  1. Helping new nurses transition into practice is something that I love to do. In this two part series, I will discuss two areas of greatest concern for new nurses: Delegation and Prioritization. In part one of this series,…
  2. Nurses play an integral role in the advocacy of the patients and families in which they serve. Whether it be advocating for more aggressive treatment to meet their patient’s needs, or escalating perceived ethical challen…
  3. Hello everyone, Im hoping to seek some advice. I graduated with my ADN in Dec 2015. I have a Bachelor in Science degree in another field. Shortly after graduating from nursing school, I got married. 4
  4. Hi everyone! I currently work in an ICU in Columbus but will be relocating to Indianapolis this Summer and want to know good hospitals/companies to work for/ who to avoid. Any and all advice appreciat
  5. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Applying to Nursing program 2022

    Hi guys looking for some advice. I have a 3 more prerequisites and 2 corequisites left and I wanted to get them done before applying to the nursing program this September. Has anyone taken Microbiolog
  6. Hello people! I am an international nurse from Europe who has been offered two jobs at these locations (Orlando - Advent Health and Sarasota - Sarasota Memorial Hospital). I am new to the USA and to F
  7. Hey everyone! I am looking to relocate to Jacksonville Florida, from the Mid-Altantic region, after graduation this May to start as a new grad nurse. I do not know the area or any of the hospitals and
  8. Dear Nurse Beth, I am an LPN wanting to transition to RN. I just moved to NJ and I am lost as to where to start. I started with Achieve Test Prep and soon found out it was a big mistake. I do not know
  9. I have a great interest in teaching.... I already have my BSN and from what Ive heard, I could be a clinical instructor? without my MSN? correct me if Im wrong. though I am planning to pursue my MSN n
  10. TellMeIfThisHurts

    NPI for RN giving Covid Vax?

    I just found an In-Store Covid-19 Vaccination job and the recruiter says I need an NPI number. Has anyone ever heard of an RN needing an NPI number for such a job? The job is in CA as is my RN license
  11. I am currently a student nurse and I will be graduating in December this year. I am just curious if anyone would like to share their experience relating to getting accepted into a residency program -