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My name is Anna,

I apply for clinicals for Harrisburg Area Community College for my LPN, this August of 2015... My question is I only have 41 points... Do you think my chances of getting in are pretty good? I'm really nervous cause I think I am right on the edge...... If anyone else that has been through this could let me know I would appreciate it! Thanks


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I applied to the RN program and did not get in. I applied the next semester with more points and I'm graduating next week. If you don't get in this semester, try again.

Somewhere on here there is information about which semester is easiest to get into. I can't remember where it is. Try using ALLNURSES' search feature for old HACC threads.

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On the HACC health careers page, there is a form that you can view that gives the breakdown of GPA and point amounts that previous classes of students got accepted into any of the health career programs with. I would check that out if you're feeling unsure!

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Good day, Anna:

I believe it varies by campus in terms of the points needed to get in, as well as whether you are going full time or part time through the program. The previous poster mentioned a PDF document the public has access to in order to see previous acceptances. Here's a screenshot of the LPN section:


Check with your advisor as well as they can often been of great help.

Thank you.