Pocket Timers


Does anyone know where to purchase a timer for my pocket? I work in a LTC facility and sometimes when you have a treatment that needs to go 15 minutes or 1/2 hour I go and do something else and am late in getting back to the patient. I would like to purchase a timer for my pocket that will go off and remind me to go back to the patient on time! :confused:


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I found a small timer at a kitchen store. It is small....made by pyrex I think.

I also found one at a dollar store here in my town.

If you cannot find one, I'd be more than happy to pick one up for you and mail it to you, for the cost and small amount for shipping.

Provided they still have them at the dollar store......let me know, and if you don't find one, I'll do it for you.

I'm going out that way tomorrow, I'll stop in and see if the dollar store still has them.

They were 1.00!

I used mine at the LTC I worked in to help me remember to clock back in from lunch break on time.

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