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Pocket Prep TEAS app

by Hemeyer Hemeyer (New) New

Anyone use the pocket prep app for TEAS practice? Do you think it helped your score? Were questions on the app comparable to what's on the test? Some of them seem really difficult and I'm trying not to let myself get too freaked out- but maybe I'm not freaked out enough 😆


I have the pocket prep app as well. I have not taken the exam yet, but some of my friends who took the exam say that they had similar questions on their exam.

I used pocket prep. I would say it's hard to say exactly how similar it is to the exam. The TEAS test covers MUCH less than any app would, simply because the App has THOUSANDS of questions. Keep that in mind.

I think pocket prep prepares you very well for the exam. I really like the explanations provided and highly recommend you scan the answers, even if you get them right (especially for the science portion).

You are right, some of the questions were very difficult. HOWEVER, I think this is good, as it prepares you for the exam/nursing school even more. Try not to be too overwhelmed. If you are getting questions wrong, take a deep breath, flag the question for review, read the explanation, and move on. Repeat, repeat, repeat! You will soak in more than you think.

I found even if I didn't "know" why the answer was correct, I knew enough on the TEAS to make an educated guess (as in, I could eliminate most of the answers). I did quite well with a 94% on my science portion.

Good luck!