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hello everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the great information that has been shared in this forum. I am an RN in Texas and have just been accepted to a crna program, which will begin this summer. I have recently found this site and found the information at this site to be invaluable. What I wanted to know was whether anyone knew of any good programs to be used for a pocket pc (ex. quick drug reference, etc.)


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Check out http://www.skyscape.com. I have a few programs from them and could not live without them. The reason I like skyscape's programs is that they intergrate with each other. So, for instance if you can't find some information in nursingdrugs you can link to Lexidrugs via a drop down menu within the program. They have lots of programs and could get pricey if you want them all but you can download most if not all and trial them befor you purchase to find out which ones you really want or need.

Also make sure you have enough memory in your PDA. The programs take up quite a bit of space. I have quite a few programs and all total they take up 100MB but I have a 256MB CF card so I have no problems with space. You might want to consider something similar. When you install to your PDA just select install to storage card instead of default location.

Hope this helps.

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