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PNP Student needs Pediatric placement NYC

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I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner student at Stony Brook University and live in NYC. I am in need of a pediatric SPECIALTY preceptor for the fall 2020 semester. Due to COVID I have had a lot of difficulty with any office managers and administrators getting back to me, and I cannot exactly go door to door looking for a placement. Due to the strict timelines for hospitals, many in the area are out of the question, so I am looking at outpatient pediatric urgent care or specialty care offices. I have exhausted my searches and am now contemplating some of the services that you pay for to match you with a preceptor, but this seems like a complete rip off and I know many people who would never do that.

Does anyone have any advise on finding a PNP preceptor in the NYC area (or just general advise for an NP student in a program that does not help them find preceptors or placements).