PMHNP reimbursement for psychotherapy


I'm hoping someone can give me some info on this. I am a newly minted PMHNP living in Wisconsin. I was just hired by a private practice, and the office manager and I have been discussing reimbursement rates for various insurance companies. He is wondering if PMHNPs in WI can be reimbursed for add-on therapy (CPT code 90833). Does anyone know whether this is state and/or insurance provider specific, or can all psych NPs bill for this? I've tried to find the answer on my own and I haven't found anything definitive. Any help is appreciated!


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Yes! It is state and insurance provider specific.. for WI medicaid program, you can.. I found something on the internet... But please remember this differs from state-to-state because the medicaid programs differs and insurances will determine their own rules.. some states PMHNP are not reimbursed...


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Thank you for your response! I appreciate it.