2016 PMHNP certification exam resources


Anyone that has passed the 2016 PMHNP exam have any tips on preparing for the new 2016 PMHNP certification exam? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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Currently preparing for it using Barkley review and the ANCC review book. I'm having a hard time finding decent practice questions, bought the ANCCs two practice exams and 5 exams from anccprep.com, but there seem to be so few and they are crazy expensive.


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If you type in PMHNP resource in Facebook search you can find some links a lady has on it . There is some questions and answers she has in links to download. Quizlet has some good info also- just type in PMHNP certification exam.

a fellow classmate of mine took it last week and she said it asked about Moro reflex in a newborn and a lot of research/therapy questions.


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The Mometrix Flash cards are really good also. They cover a lot of information.


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1. ANCC 4th edition. I outlined key chapters on index cards.

2. Question bank of ANCC questions that you can buy, and the questions at the back of the 4th edition.

3. Fitzgerald review book, and online material put out by Fitzgerald after purchasing their course.

4. Go to ANCC site and down load the outline of the exam and go over it point by point. They are giving you a study guide!

5. no cramming the night before, as you will be in overload. You need to be fresh for the 200 questions coming at you!

Good luck!

P.S. I think the Mometrix may be helpful, but I would start those flash cards a couple of months before the exam. So many of them!!


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Go to the website: boardvitals.com

It costs a little, but well worth every penny. The questions are very much like the board questions and it gives rationale for every right and wrong answer!