PLU - any hope for a late applicant?


Hello all,

I recently found out that I could apply to the BSN program at PLU sooner than expected, although I have missed the Feb. 1st deadline. I am wondering if anyone in the past made it into the program with a late application? I am still going to apply regardless, but I want to know if I have a chance?

Thanks - Alicia ;)

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Hi! I'm going to be applying late too, the last person that mentioned they applied late & got in, they got their acceptance letter around July/August


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Okay, great! I am happy to hear there is a chance. Let's keep our fingers crossed- good luck!

Yes, there is plenty of hope. I had the same concern because I sent my application in 5 days late. I called and talked to a couple of people and none of them really gave me that great of an answer but I finally got what I was looking for. I am drawing a blank on her name but she answers the phone quite a bit. What I was told was that if they only accepted applicants who applied by the priority deadline they would not have a very strong candidate pool to choose from. She also said that she has worked there for 7 years now and she opens all of the mail/applications. When she first started she said she thought for sure all of the late applicants would not get in but she quickly learned that many of them did and of course many of those who applied early or on time did not. She went on to say that they truly are looking for the most qualified students to join their program, not just those who can turn in their application on time!

Hope that makes you feel better. I know it did for me!!!