pls....i need help with job interview.


Im a new grad and im on a job hunt for telemetry position. i've never been interviewed for a job ever. any advice on what to expect, how to answer questions, what questions should i ask or any advice at all?

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my best advice for you is to learn how to be a pardon me..bullshiter. haha, but seriously...make sure you are dressed professionally like in a business suit. my experience has been they always ask you why nursing and why this institution or hospital so i would have your reply ahead of time. they explain benefits and pay so don't worry about asking and they also ask what would you do in this situation type of questions. just relax during that part and give your best answers, they know you are nervous. first its the nurse recruiter then its usually an interview with the nurse manager of the floor you applied to. i actually had a peer interview with the nursing staff. every hospital is different of course, but i think that's generally how it works. just smile a lot and look'll do fine, good luck with the job search! i myself am looking for positions as well

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