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For my senior nursing practicum, I have to create clinical learning objectives that we should try to accomplish before the end of the course. We have to turn these objectives into a reference learning project. I am really not sure if my objectives are measurable and would allow me to create a reference project for it. Do you guys have any suggestions? I have the following:

1. I will recognize abnormal lab values

2. I will employ CPR to a patient if the need arises

3. I will identify adventitious breath sounds

4. I will demonstrate foley catheter insertion/removal

5. I will identify signs/symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia

For example for the reference learning project, I would have to create some kind of chart with normal lab values and the indications for high or low abnormal values.

Are the objectives reasonable or are there better ones out there that I haven't come up with yet???

Hi BSNgrad,

I will just give you my two cents.

It sounds like you're on the right path and perhaps you can ask one of your professors in charge of the project if what you have is what they're looking for.

I would say that the last objective is your best. It has more room for explanation than the others and would take more critical thinking in your part. Give 'em some meat to chew on is my advice. Are you doing clinicals this semester or are you finished? I would think if you're in the ICU for example then you could definitely present things on the vents, all the lines, etc. If you don't have that experience now, dig deep into the areas you did have some tough subjects with like ESRD and dialysis (here you could definitely apply those abnormal labs) or then your foley catheter insertion could be an intervention.

Perhaps I'm totally off scew from what your professors want but I would suggest going with interventions along WITH presenting diagnosis, outcomes, labs, assessments, etc.

Let us know how you do,

God Bless,


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