Please I need suggestion on what to do!!

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Hi! I graduated with BS degree 4 years back, but I couldn't go back to floor nursing right away because of some family issues. I had to stay home to take care of my two little kids at the time. I also went through few other stresses in life, and struggled to get RN license. two years back, I finally got my license. My kids were a little more grown too. I volunteered in an ICU unit for about 6 months abroad. I also did ACLS and BLS... but at this point, nothing works. I don't even get an interview and all the time the only one answer I get is "no". The recruiters most of the time tell me I will always be considered a new grad yet not a recent one, so my chances are down to zero! I don't know what to do.

My husband might be getting a job in Kansas city, MO. I heard new grads would be accepted in hospitals in MO or KS, but everywhere I applied, I am turned down. Does anyone know if the hospitals there still hire new grads? If yes, what is the chance for a stale new grad like me?

Finances have become a big issue in our lives. My kids are in school and demand is growing every day. I feel frustrated and lost. I don't know what to do.... can anyone suggest me any way out. I will really appreciate.

Have you applied to homecare or long-term care? I know it's not your goal, but it will be something to put on your resume.

Also, if you need money, check on Craigslist and in the newspaper. A girl I know has been working (as an LPN) just doing odd jobs around southern Michigan that she's found from these sources. She's scored hours at flu shot clinics and two-day health clinics offered by employers to their factory employees. It probably won't do much for your resume, but it helps to have paychecks coming in, even if they're sporadic and small.

Good luck to you!

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I would start out in Long Term Care or Assisted Living....

AYou will probably learn alot in long term care and be up front and honest with the interviewer

and im sure you will get a job. Agencies uually wont hire unless you are experienced .

Check out the local nursing homes. THe other things is you might check out the local community colleges for

a nurse refresher the local nursing school, and usually the director there knows where you can

take a refresher course. that will bring u up to speed...

Good Luck...

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Take a refresher course. Then reapply. What city are you in?

I have been off work the entire summer looking for a job. Not much came in but since the summer is over, I now have multiple interviews. Just keep trying.

Also, one thing that I started doing is that when I apply for a job on line I attach a photo of myself. I had a photographer here do a few professional photos of me in my scrubs and lab coat. I believe it helps people feel more positive about you when they can see a photo. And then they know that you are not just another applicant but a real person. As a former manager I can tell you that when you gets dozens of applications, they all run together after a while. A photo helps you stand out from the others.

Thank you so much to you all! I lived in NYC but recently moved to NJ. I am willing to relocate anywhere at this point. I will certainly apply in long term care too. I applied to a few, but never heard back from them. I will try again. Looks like Molloy college in Long Island, NY has refresher course for RN. It will be a big commute for me from NJ. If I don't find anything else, I probably will do that too.

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