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Please I need help with statistic, I am sad

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by Polska Polska (Member)

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I took college Algebra ten years ago and I never was good in Maths. I will take statistic in summer II (July) and I am kind of afraid.

Do you think I can get an "A" in statistic if I have not taken any math class in ten years?

Do you know any website for statistic for students like me? I would like to prepare myself before my class start.

Thank you and I will appreciate any advice.

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Don't worry! You will be fine. I took both Statistics and College Algebra in the Spring Semester. I am horrible at math, and I have always struggled with it. I had not had any type of college level math since 1989 when I took a general type math course for my BA. (At that time, College Algebra wasn't required at my college if you were getting a BA. How things change so quickly.) Anyway, I was terrified of taking those two classes because I know how horrible I am at Algebra (failed it in high school). To my surprise, I passed with an A in Statistics and a B in College Algebra. Statistics is nothing like Algebra. I thought it was a lot easier. In fact, it wasn't that bad at all. Algebra, on the other hand, was horrible. I really struggled with that class. Fortunately, I had my sister to help me with the Algebra. Otherwise, I don't even know if I would have passed.

I know several people who really struggled with Algebra and then did really well in Statistics and vice versa. Don't worry about it. Go in with a positive attitude. Believe me, if I can make an A in Statistics, anybody can. Also, just relax until time for your class to start. Don't start trying to figure it all out until you get into class and your professor explains how to do it. This will just confuse you. If you wait, go to class, and work all your homework problems, you'll be fine! Good luck with it.

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