Please help with my thesis!


Hello! Thank you for reading :). My name is Kate Magsamen. I've just finished all my coursework at Illinois State University and have one more (huge) task before I get my Master of Arts degree. I was hoping you would be able to help me out with that project :) . My thesis investigates the relationship between emotion and satisfaction in nursing. I am hopeful that the results of this study will place me one step closer to finding ways to increase the "health" of both nurses and their patients. If you are a nurse, would you please take my survey? The following link (at end) will take you to an electronic version of the survey. Please answer honestly and thoughtfully; and no worries, I have no way of knowing who filled out the survey!! I have a second favor as well, if you know any nurses who might also be willing to help me out, please forward this message to them (or just send them the link). Even if you are not a nurse you can help me out a lot if you send it to just one nurse! I need at least 250 participants, so I really need your help. I'm sounding like a broken record now, so I'm just going to close with: THANKS!!!

Click the following link (please):

PS - I am especially interested in the possible conclusions that might be drawn when examining emotion in different types of unit and specialties. Your participation would be very greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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