Please help with 4 questions???

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1. A community health nurse suggested to make a new code of safety to teenagers by using safety gadgets like helmets. The creation of a new local code is included to which one of the following segments.

a. institutional

b. political

c. social

d. public health

2. A 17 year old girl with amenorrhea, during assessment, what is the most appropriate questions to ask.

a. are you on any other medication

b. are you taking any family planning pill

c. are you pregnant

d. how do you feel about yourself.

3. "With this duspute and disagreement, I do not want to disturb my family" as verbalized by the client who is diagnosed of uncertain disease and admitted to the hospital who insisted for secondary opinion before starting for management. What will you do.

a. you must be realistic of what is going on with you right now, you may need help

b. i am here to help you and clarify your doubt

c. it is my responsibility to inform you of what to expect

d. I respect your decision and it would be helpful to have your family beside you.

4. A depressed client has consulted the clinic and mentioned to the nurse that her son told her to keep quiet and the mother informed the nurse not to tell to her son that she came for consultation to the clinic. What would be your therapeutic response.

a. tell me why you wanted to keep it from your son

b. bring him alaong with you on the next consultation

c. yes, it will be just between the two of us

d. what makes him think your not telling to your son too.

help with these will be greatly appreciated!!!

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