PLEASE HELP ME! Interview questions need answers!


I am a high school student in need of my questions answered for my english paper...i would REALLY appreciate it as soon as possible. you could email my answers to me, or just reply to this post, thank you!

Q: What courses in high school do you think helped most in your career?

Q: Where did you go to college?

Q: How long did you have to be in college?

Q: Was college difficult for you?

Q: In the simulation labs, did you find it as realistic as they seem to be?

Q: Can you describe a situation practiced in the simulation lab (difficult, helpful, etc.)?

Q: Did you do anything special to prepare that some prospective nurses may not think of? (such as volunteering, other jobs, etc)

Q: Are you a leader in your field?

Q: How long have you been working?

Q: How did you prepare for the intensity of working with critically ill infants?

Q: Do you think having children makes it easier to be a neonatal nurse or is it a natural skill?

Q: Was it an emotional experience for you at first?

Q: Do you have any advise for high school students who are interested in becoming any kind of nurse?

Q: What personality traits do you see in most nurses in your field?

Q: How does it feel to be around the parents of critically ill babies?

Q: Are there more babies in the NICU than in level one nurseries?

Q: How many hours do you work in one week (on average)?

Q: How have you changed from working in neonatal care?

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