Please help!!!! In need of advice!!!!


I am looking to change careers. To be honest, my first career choice never really worked out. It seems that pilots are no longer in demand. I would like to be a nurse for several reasons which I will not discuss. I am completing prerequisite classes for accelerated BSN programs and anticipate applying after this semester. Can anyone tell me where I might stand? I am a male with decent GPA, but my prerequisite classes are all A's and one B. Will this make admissions more likely to look past the overall GPA? Also, some schools consider employment history. In my field, it has been extremely difficult to come by. Will this hurt my chances? Waiting lists and applicant pools are only getting long in this economy.

Also, I will go anywhere in the US for the education...I mean it. Any advice on no wait nursing schools or something of a similar nature would be greatly appreciated.


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Well, you really haven't provided enough details to generate valid feedback. A "decent" GPA means a lot of different things to different people. "All A's and B's" can mean a GPA from very near 3.0 to very near 4.0 -- a huge range.

A lack of work history will matter to some programs but probably not to most of 'em - and even where it does, it's only one element of the whole package.

"No wait programs:" At least in California, the university programs are competitive admission, not lottery or waitlist, so if you're a competitive candidate, you can get in promptly -- grades are huge, though.