Please!! Help me get ajusted for nursing school


I will start attending Nursing School in Jan.2010. I want an honest answer of the areas of study that I will learn. Is there material that I should start reviewing now that will help me excel more effectively in my studies. What textbooks are being used in nursing studies? I'm excited that I will be starting in upcoming months. I know this is going to be a challange, but if you want something bad enough, you work hard at it right?. If there is anyone who could give me a few pointers of the material that I should be reviewing now that will help become familiar of what to expect, please! comment. Thanks a bunch!:up:


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Well for starters if you don't have any background with medical terminology you should start with that.

Also review your anatomy and physiology.

School will teach you the basics. Just PAY ATTENTION AND STUDY and it will come.

Honestly, I don't think there is any use of "studying" ahead trying to read nursing books. UNLESS you can get your hands on your school's syllabus and read the chapters ahead of time and make short notes to yourself about what you've learned.


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Study study study!

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